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Basics about Diesel Generator Sets

Generally, the packaged combination of a diesel engine, an alternator and various supporting devices (such as base, canopy, sound attenuation, control system, exhaust system and starting system) is referred to as a "generator set" or a "genset" for short. This section will show all the basics about diesel generator sets and help you get to know more about them. It would be our pleasure if you could learn something from this section. Enjoy your reading!

  • 2509-2022

    Diesel Generator Battery Maintenance

    Battery is an essential part of the starting system for a diesel generator set. Batteries are so important to generator operation that the battery is often the first thing a service technician will check when a generator fails. Since batteries are such a main role of a diesel generator, it is quite necessary to do regular maintenances for batteries to make sure that they are in good condition.

  • 2002-2022

    Basics of Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

    An automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a type of intelligent power switching device governed by dedicated control logic and used with a diesel generator to automatically switch between the mains and generators in the event of a power failure. The generator will start / stop automatically depending on the mains supply.

  • 1501-2022

    A Protective Structure for Diesel Generators: Canopy

    A canopy (or enclosure) is a protective structure for a diesel generator. The canopy can protect a power generator from dust, raindrop, sunburn and other particles that are harmful to the generator & its components. Having a generator canopy is the best way to secure the dg set from bad weather or vandalism. A perfect or suitable soundproof canopy for household gensets also reduces the noise of the running generator engine.

  • 1212-2021

    Negative Effects of Running a Diesel Generator on Low Load or No Load

    Diesel generators have been a staple power supply within many industries. Diesel generators can be widely used in industrial settings that require uninterrupted and high volumes of power, they also are regularly found on construction sites, at festivals, camping sites, sporting arenas and hotels. Not only should we avoid overloading the generator, but we also should pay special attention to avoiding the low load or no load when running the generator.

  • 1411-2021

    Precautions When Using Diesel Generators Outdoors

    Diesel generator sets are an emergency power generation equipment, sometimes used indoors, sometimes used outdoors. If you use outdoor, you need to pay attention to some matter to ensure that the unit is stable, and also protects the unit and extends the service life of the unit.

  • 3110-2021

    What Environmental Factors Can Affect Diesel Generators' Output Rating?

    Diesel generators are typically designed to operate most efficiently at or near sea level under standard temperature and pressure (STP) conditions. Any fluctuations in these conditions can cause equipment to operate at lower efficiency. We may see some environmental factors affecting generator functions

  • 1209-2021

    Why Are Cummins Diesel Engine Generators So Popular in Global Market?

    At present, there are many brand series diesel engine generators, such as Cummins series diesel generator sets, Perkins series diesel generator sets, Deutz series diesel generator sets, Doosan series diesel generator sets, Mitsubishi series diesel generator sets, Guangxi Yuchai series diesel generator sets, Weichai series diesel generator sets, and SDEC series diesel generator sets. So, why are Cummins series diesel generator sets so popular in the market?

  • 2908-2021

    Four Ways to Pack Diesel Generator Sets

    Generally, there are three common ways to pack dg sets. Each genset manufacturer has their own standard packing method. Usually, manufacturers will confirm it with their clients. If clients do not have special requirements, they will just follow the standard packing way. But the way may be changed due to different special requirements, distances or different shipping methods.

  • 0908-2021

    Judging the Running Status of a Diesel Engine by Its Smoke Color

    The color of the engine smoke can reflect the fuel combustion condition and the engine running status. Therefore, the generator technician can judge the technical state of the engine through the color of the engine exhaust smoke.

  • 3007-2021

    Diesel Generator Control Panel

    The control panel belongs to the control system of a diesel generator, which controls and protects the dg set unit. A control panel is normally a group of displays (controller, gauges & meters) indicating the measurement of various parameters like voltage, current, frequency, water temperature, oil pressure or fuel level, etc. It is usually fitted with buttons or switches that help to operate the generator. And control panels can also be combined with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to maintain the continuity of electrical power.

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