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  • 1.What are the types of generator sets?

    There are many types of generator sets, and there are different types of generator sets according to different standards. 1. Divided by power source: diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, gasoline generator sets, wind generator sets, solar generator sets, hydroelectric generator sets, coal-fired generator sets, etc. 2. Electric energy mode: According to the converted electric energy mode, it can be divided into two categories: AC generator and DC generator. Alternator is divided into two kinds: synchronous generator and asynchronous generator. Synchronous generators are divided into two types: hidden-pole synchronous generator and salient-pole synchronous generator. Synchronous generators are the most commonly used in modern power stations, and asynchronous generators are rarely used. The most commonly used is diesel generator set. Different purposes and use environments are suitable for different types of units, and users should choose according to specific conditions! We Bidirection Power Technology Co., Ltd. can provide you with various types of generator sets.

  • 2.What are the conditions for the parallel use of two generator sets? What device is used to complete the parallel work?

    The condition for parallel use is that the instantaneous voltage, frequency and current of the two machines are consistent. Commonly known as "three simultaneous". And it is an all-copper brushless generator. And it is electronic speed regulation or electronic injection generator. 2) Use a dedicated parallel device to complete the parallel work. It is generally recommended to use fully automatic cabinets. Try not to manually parallel. Because the success or failure of manual paralleling depends on human experience.

  • 3.What is the power factor of the three-phase generator? Can a power compensator be added to improve the power factor?

    The power factor is 0.8. No, because the charging and discharging of the capacitor will cause fluctuations in the small power supply. And the unit oscillates.

  • 4.Why do we require customers to tighten all electrical contact parts every 200 hours of operation?

    Diesel generator sets are vibrating working devices. Moreover, many domestically produced or assembled units should use double nuts which are useless. The use of spring washers is useless. Once the electrical fasteners are loosened, large contact resistance will be generated, which will cause the unit to operate abnormally.

  • 5.How to detect insufficient output power of a generator set?

    The fuel filter of the generator set is blocked and the fuel supply is not smooth; the fuel oil pipeline is leaking, and air seeps into the fuel inlet pipe; the engine air filter of the generator set is blocked and the intake is not smooth; the fuel temperature is too high; the engine exhaust The pressure is too high; the oil level is too high, which creates resistance to the crankshaft and causes a loss of engine power; there may be air leakage between the rear end of the engine supercharger and the engine intake manifold, resulting in insufficient intake pressure. Bidirection Power Technology Co., Ltd. introduces effective measures to detect insufficient output power of generator sets: 1. Check the fuel filter element, if it is blocked or there are a lot of impurities, please replace the fuel filter; 2. Check the fuel supply pipeline, and if there is any leakage, deal with it to prevent air from entering the fuel supply pipeline when the engine of the generator set is running; 3. Check the air filter element, clean it with compressed air or replace the element; 4. Measure the fuel temperature. If the fuel temperature exceeds 50℃, please cool down the fuel or add fuel to lower its temperature; 5. Check the exhaust pipe of the engine to ensure that the exhaust pipe is unobstructed and that the exhaust pressure is less than 90mmhg. In the cold state of the generator set or after 5-10 minutes of shutdown, check the oil level of the oil pan with a dipstick. If the oil level has exceeded the "H" level, please drain the excess oil and keep the level at "L" It is advisable to be close to the "H" position between the "H" position and the "H" position; in operation, check the air pipe between the rear end of the turbocharger and the intake manifold with the necessary tools (pay attention to prevent burns caused by high temperature and high pressure gas ), tighten the leaking parts.

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