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Emergency Diesel Generators Only Have a 48-Hour Capacity to Power Chernobyl Nuclear Plant


Emergency Diesel Generators

The military conflict between Russia & Ukraine has entered day 14. The historic reason behind it is very complicated. Hopefully, the conflict will be end soon. Hope for a peaceful world!

'The entire power supply line of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and all its nuclear facilities controlled by the Russian Army has been damaged,' Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Twitter on March 9th.

'Chernobyl has lost power. I call on the entire international community to immediately call on Russia to cease fire and allow repair crews to restore the electricity supply as soon as possible,' he said, noting reserve diesel generators had a 48-hour capacity to power the plant, after which the cooling systems will stop, 'making radiation leaks imminent.'

Emergency diesel generators are used when nuclear power plants are disconnected from the grid. They ensure the power supply to important components such as the reactor cooling system - to ensure a controlled shutdown of the reactor. Those generators should meet and exceed nuclear quality standards, and they will undergo rigorous type testing and seismic qualification. 

Backup Diesel Generators

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