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Genuine Stamford AVR AS440, Well-packed & Ready for Delivery

A genuine Stamford AVR AS440 is well-packed & ready for delivery to the overseas client. The AVR SX460 is now obsolete and replaced by the AVR AS440. The production of original Stamford AVR SX460 is definitely discontinued.

An automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is an electronic device that serves to regulate & maintain the output voltage of the alternator at a set value. It will try and do this as the alternator load or operating temperature changes. The AVR is part of the alternators excitation system.

The AVR AS440 is an analogue, 2-phase sensing, self-excited automatic voltage regulator (AVR). It is supplied as standard to the STAMFORD S4 and STAMFORD HC5 alternators and is an option for the STAMFORD UC22 and UC27 alternators.

Stamford AS440Genuine AVRAVR AS440Stamford AS440

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